They Drive Me Nuts!

Building Positive Parent-Child relationships one family at a time.

Customer Testimonials

-Raymond Aaron, NY Times Best Selling Author
"She's noticed the small changes parents can make that will have an enormous, explosive ripple effect that creates wonderful kids in a far more powerful way. I love this book and I love her intent on doing such a good job to having the next generation be powerful and well nurtured so that they can be proper adults."-Raymond Aaron, NY Times Best Selling Author

-Kayrn Mullen, Wildly successful top CEO Mom

"The thing is, it doesn’t have to be crazy & she gives you 7 tips, unexpected tips, on how to turn around your relationships or make a good one better...not the usual stuff you read…" -Kayrn Mullen, Wildly successful top CEO mom

- JoyceLee Walther, Author of the upcoming book 
"Dreams Understood"

"I have raised a beautiful, open hearted, well-educated daughter who sprinted on her own to college & beyond. With confidence, she has risen to business plateaus beyond my expectations. I can tell you that Lee is honest, reliable, hardworking & fun! She always amazes me with her gusto for life & ability to always complete a job that she has started."-Joycelee Walther, Author of the upcoming book "Dreams Understood"

     " Lee is a very passionate and driven individual who looks for great opportunities to make different markets stronger. She has a vast experience that is wide and brings with her skill set a value that can help most companies and organizations grow. Lee is dedicated to her craft and passionate to succeed. "

- P. Simon Mahler, Proven Small Business Motivator | 

Founder of BizSprout | Dynamic Speaker | Professional Mentor

     “I am so grateful to have hired Ms. Lee as our PreK leading teacher…. her commitment in teaching her students to understand and manage their emotions was outstanding.  I've longed to find a self-guided social-emotional program for our teachers to teach our young children to use their words to communicate and understand their emotions. Ms. Lee not only introduced our center to this wonderful program, but also taught and guided our teachers on how to use the program.”

-Mae Lee, Director of Olympik tots Child Care

     "I have met Lee in 2011. She cared for my daughter while we were living in Philadelphia for one year. She was a great help and it was a delight to have Lee at our home.
     She always came to our home on time, smiling and ready to keep my daughter with creative art, dramatic play and other educational and constructive activities. She is gifted, kind and a great listener.

     My daughter bonded with Lee very well. Lee has a wonderful personality with the ability to connect with children and to work with them with care and patience. She definitely offered a caring, patient and structured childcare which we valued a lot. She is also a great teacher for whom English is their second language.

I am sure she will be very successful women in life."

                                                 -Nazli Elgin L.L.M, Attorney at Law, Kortun Hukuk (Turkey)