They Drive Me Nuts!

Building Positive Parent-Child relationships one family at a time.

Lee Nicole Salinis is focused on improving parent-child relationships. 

    She has made it her life’s mission to teach parents, relatives, and teachers how to recognize problems in these relationships, as well as how to fix them, using her proven techniques developed in and outside of the classroom over the course of her nearly twenty year career working with children. 

Awarded #1 Authority on building positive relationships, Lee has committed her time to teaching people just like you how to recognize powerful emotional intelligence strategies and emotional management tools to dramatically change your life for the better.

Having spent many years developing, collecting, refining, and testing the techniques that she teaches so you don’t have to struggle to build the positive relationships you want with your children. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You just have to follow her guidance.

When you register for one of Lee’s programs you’ll discover…

She is absolutely committed to helping you achieve the positive relationships you want with your children—just as she has helped the parents of the over a hundred children she worked with across the country to better understand themselves, their children, as well as how to interact successfully, effectively and positively.

With the up most gratitude Lee credits her success to the collected wisdom she has received from her fellow teachers, her education and years of her own life-tested techniques. Techniques that can help you create the most joyful, positive relationships you can imagine. Techniques, incidentally, that she herself applied every day in classrooms as large as 30 children, she knows you can build positive relationships with your child and she is here to show you how!

Lee has her B. A. in Psychology and is teacher qualified through Hawaiis’s CANOES registry. She has worked in child care since the age of 12  and has educated over one hundred children in both Hawaii and Pennsylvania. 

For years in classrooms and now to be on stage, and in forums around the world, she reveals her own emotional understanding and success strategies in programs like…

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