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Emotional Intelligence Magazine

Posted on July 16, 2017 at 3:25 PM

Emotional Intelligence Magazine

Emotions Understood


What’s it for?

Emotional Intelligence Made Easy


Who am I? And What do I know?


My name Lee Nicole Salinis, I am The Author of They Drive Me Nuts!, have B. A. in Psychology, and am teacher qualified through Hawai’i CANOES registry. I have worked in child care since the age of 12 and have educated over one hundred children in both Hawai’i and Pennsylvania. My mission is simply Emotional Intelligence Simplified. More complexly,

to rise as many EQ’s as possible.


What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

Simple Version:



EQ is much like IQ


Just instead of Cognitive (IQ) It’s Emotional (EQ)





(IQ) Intelligence Quota- General ability to solve problems and understand concepts.

(EQ) Emotional Intelligence Quota (Aka. EI)- General Ability to understand and control emotions



Spelled out:


“Emotional Intelligence...lies in...


(1) knowing how to recognize your own emotions,

(2) knowing how to control those emotions,

(3) knowing how to recognize emotions in other people,

(4) and knowing how to handle those emotions”

-Lee Nicole Salinis, Quoted from They Drive Me Nuts!



As a Preschool teacher I noticed the importance of Emotional Intelligence, as well as the lack of education available for most parents on the subject. This Inspired Me to write my book: They Drive Me Nuts! 7 ways to build positive relationships with your children by getting to know yourself.


So Why a magazine?


Realizing the need for Emotional Intelligence extended well beyond the home and classroom as well beyond my own expertise, I created a Collaboration of Authorities to simplify Emotional Intelligence for Parents, Professionals and Students. So began Emotional Intelligence Magazine.



What do we need?


To be able to pay amazing people a decent salary to help Make Emotional Understanding Easy we need funds. Unfortunately I do not have enough funds or credit to borrow the funds needed to start the magazine. Which is why I am asking you for help...But YOU ARE more important so More on funds after we talk about what YOU want!



What do YOU get?



Well to answer that let’s look at where you NEED Emotional Intelligence (EQ):



Where is EQ needed in your everyday life?


Kids making you angry?

(Parent-Child Relationships)


Spouse got you sad?

(Parent-Parent relationships)


Want to express how happy your friends make you?

(Personal Friendships)


Having trouble staying calm with your neighbors? (

Neighbor & Community Relationships)


Where can you get advice on how to handle emotions like angry, sad, happy and calm?


Emotional Intelligence Magazine


Where is EQ needed in your business life?


Need to negotiate with an anxious vender?

(Business-Business relationships)


Handle a frustrated customer?

(Client/Customer relationships)


Put up with a jealous co-worker?

(Co-worker friendships)


Build trust in a Cautious public?

(Public & Community relationships)


Where can you get strategies on how to handle emotions like anxious, frustrated, jealous, and cautious?


Emotional Intelligence Magazine


Where is EQ needed in your Academic life?

page2image14432 page2image14592 page2image14752


Have overwhelmed students? Or boring teachers?

(Educator-Student relationships)


Talking to Confused Parents? Or Overly ecstatic teachers?

(Educator-Parent relationships)


Embarrassed by a peer?

(Peer-Peer friendships)


Events cause School board or Community to be frightened?

(School & Community relationships)


Where can you get guidance on how to handle emotions like overwhelmed, boring, confused, ecstatic, embarrassed, and frightened?


Emotional Intelligence Magazine



Just from Home, School and Work, with only a few scenarios emotions as simple as: angry, sad, happy and calm to as complex as: anxious, frustrated, jealous, cautious, overwhelmed, boring, confused, ecstatic, embarrassed, and frightened! Yikes that’s a lot to feel!


But never fear Emotional Intelligence Magazine is here!

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